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Tweety is a sms sending service helping engage businesses their clientel, updating, informing, campaigning them making it hassle free for use.
The website is dedicated for business sms only. Illegal sms, fake sms, anonymous sms and any kind of harassment through our website is strictly prohibited. We monitor and keep records of each sms 24/7. If our team fond any member indulged in any illegal activity so our team have rights to terminate his/her account immediately and permanently.

SMS Marketing is the latest invention of marketing because the number of mobile users today are much more then the viewers, readers or listeners through other mediums. Our main product is customer support. It’s what we work on the hardest. All of our staff is in some way dedicated to this process. Beyond fast SMS delivery, amazing technology, and great uptime records – we realize that we must judge our success on how well we have supported our clients. It’s really what matters the most in business today.

We offer the best sms gateway to send branded sms to all mobile networks in pakistan.
No activation charges, free brand registration and many more!


Having trouble finding real verified data to as your target audience? We have customized data with coordinates accuracy to target the right audience use our valued data and reach out more!

API integration

API integration facility which allows customers to integrate Branded SMS with existing application to send SMS automatically.

Instant Activation

Choose any of our package from our user-friendly portal. Pay Online with your Debit/Credit Card get your SMS recharged isntantly!

Live Chat Support

Our support team will be at your service 24/7 helping and guiding you via live chat, call or whatsapp.

No Software Required

Absolutely no hardware / software required; just logon & catch your contacts

Secure Server

Security of your number data is our top priority. SSL Encrypted Server to ensure that all your data and transaction remain secure on our server.

What our Customers Say

We care what our customers think of us. we are pleased that many well-known brands and organisations are using our branded messaging service to interact with their users.

Low priced and incredibly efficient. Our main dealership management system has texting in it but it’s quite difficult to use and about double the price of Branded SMS Pakistan.

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Reseller Program


For One Year

TweetySMS welcomes you under the Bulk SMS Reseller Program. We have a strong Reseller Network of 1200+ Active Resellers and we are handling over 15000+ Clients in Pakistan.

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